If your carpets have dirt stain in it, you can actually clean those stains using many solutions. Although, you still have to be careful of using solutions that can possibly damage your carpet even more. In this article, we will be discussing various ways about how to clean your carpet while reducing the danger of making the stain or damaging it even more. If you’re not confident doing this on your own, make sure to choose the best carpet cleaning in Santa Maria 


Eliminate odors 

Make sure to remove strong odors from your carpet. You can do so by scattering small amounts of baking soda on top of your dry carpet then leave it overnight. The following day, vacuum up all of the baking soda you sprinkled before. This approach works since the baking soda will be seeping in the bacteria that causes the bad smell within your room.  

Follow the instructions 

If you do not have a steam cleaner of your own, you can always opt to rent one from your local home improvement store. The most essential thing you need to do is to closely follow the instructions from the manufactures as much as you can and try to guarantee to eliminate as much moisture as possible. You can do this by simply opening various doors and windows found all over your home during a warm day, for instance. Also, you can install and switch on fans in areas that are newly steamed.  

Properly spot clean  

You should start cleaning up spot stains. One option you can have would be to utilize equal parts of water and vinegar to clean and penetrate stains, like those left by food or pests. For oil stains and grease, you need to do a different method to successfully remove them. Using a dull utensil or object, start to scrape away any hardened grease and then blot up the grease using a cloth towel or paper. Then, you can utilize cornstarch or baby powder to absorb any residue of the substance. Leave the spots on for almost 4 hours and then start vacuuming it up. Ultimately, you will be able to clean whatever stain that remains with a solution of hot water and vinegar. 

Invest in an efficient and power vacuum 

It is essential to make sure that your vacuum functions at full capacity. Also, pay close attention if the dirt has been completely removed. Replacing your vacuum filter needs to be done regularly. Moreover, you need to empty the bags often and remove and inspect material or object blockages specifically on your machine’s bottom. If you think that your vacuum cleaner isn’t doing well anymore, then make sure to invest in a new, efficient, and powerful vacuum right away.  

Thoroughly vacuuming your carpet 

To begin with, you need to thoroughly vacuum your carpet and go over the stained areas of the carpet several times to eliminate as much build-up of dust and dirt as much as you can. Moreover, never neglect going over the corners and edges of the carpets using vacuum extension for you to easily reach those areas that your regular vacuum can’t reach.