Standing Ovations

Arts Exploration


"Accessible Arts provides new & interesting art projects every week! Accommodations are made to all of our special needs students on ability at all levels! Kate & Diana welcome everyone with a warm and friendly environment!  Thanks so much!"

-Cheryl McDonald, Transition Counselor for USD 500


"My students benefit academically from their experiences with Adaptive Arts.  When students take time to connect with their creative sides, it broadens their thinking as they approach new topics.  They come back fired up and ready to go.  Also, the confidence that students gain through these types of high-success activities can be a launchpad for greater academic risk-taking."

- Jim Stanton, Teacher, USD 500


"Accessible Arts has provided wonderful opportunities for my students to experience art in their everyday lives.  I believe that we all develop and grow through our everyday experiences.  The program at Accessible Arts has allowed my students to develop in ways I could not provide alone.  They were able to learn about basic art design and techniques, then used this as a form of exploration and self-expression.  Every single student benefitted greatly from this experience, as did the staff.  Thank you to Accessible Arts, and especially Miss Rachel, for your dedication to providing these opportunities to individuals with disabilities."

- Kathryn Holmes, Prepare House Teacher, USD 500


"Our preschoolers have learned to take risks and trust in themselves to create something beautiful!  Our adult students have been inspired by the variety of creative activities and have learned new ways to use the arts to help their children develop."

-Pamela Slawson, On Track, USD 500

EPIC Clay Studio

"We loved that we were able to be creative.  Mr. Lloyd was very helpful and kind.  Looking forward to new classes.  Thanks!"

- Micah Moore, Dad

"Thank you for helping us organize an amazing retreat activity! Bryan Juarez did an excellent job showing us the ropes, and leading us through some incredibly fun collaborative coil-building activities."

- Sophie Alexander, The Family Conservancy


Hip-Hop Dance

"This is an acknowledgement of the wonderful talent of Danielle Malan has in the form of Hip-Hop Dance.  I found a gold mine when I took a class of hers at the gym.  I enjoyed learning new moves and her fun upbeat personality.  She knows how to make students feel successful even with this tough form of movement.  I have experience in most forms of dance but find this to be the most difficult for me to teach.  Dani instructs Hip-Hop in a way that anyone can learn.  

I invited her to be a guess instructor here at Shawnee Mission West High School 3 years ago and have enjoyed her talents each semester since.  My Dance class always looks forward to having Dani visit us and  teach them new moves.  Her upbeat “take-charge” personality adds a special touch.  I appreciate her dedication for my students. She adds a way for them to move and work towards a fitness level through Dance. 

I hope that she continues to touch others through dance." 

 - Janine Sisk, 

Shawnee Mission West PE Teacher