Why Concrete is Better than Bricks

Brick and concrete are both commonly used for construction projects in residential and commercial, and even industrial places. The two construction materials are too common that you can see them everywhere you go. In fact, you can see concrete not just on walls, but also on floors, and other projects.  

Although both are common, the two have distinctions. If you are planning for rebuilding a home or renovating it, or you probably think of putting on a driveway. Whatever it is, you probably have considered the two materials and wondered about which is better between the two. The concrete work Plano and other experts revealed to us the differences between the two in terms of strength, weight, flexibility, appearance, and cost. 


Concrete Vs. Bricks 

Cost – all of us are concerned with cost especially because it is the very factor that enables us to opt for better quality or just compromise on it and choose the cheaper option. If you are on a tight budget, you can always save when you choose concrete slabs rather than bricks, as the latter is always 20% more expensive than the former. This is because bricks need different materials and need to undergo different processes in order to be made. 

Flexibility – flexibility refers to how versatile the materials are in terms of usage. Concrete slabs are more polar for driveways and other projects and brick are known for its sustainable features. Both of these materials are also very flexible when it comes to adding color and designs, which make them both good for aesthetic projects.  

Weight – when it comes to weight, the two materials have a great disparity. A standard concrete weigh around 43 lbs. while bricks usually weigh around 5 lbs. each. See a big difference? Because of this, transporting concrete for usage can be an inconvenience and a hassle. However, good quality brick is worth it as it provides a lot of advantages. 

Appearance – as mentioned, concrete slabs, as well as brick, are available in different shapes and colors. This is also the same with bricks although bricks oftentimes turn to red due to the clay and the heat the brick has undergone.   

Durability – bricks are oftentimes more durable than concrete and they tend to last longer. However, it does not mean that concrete is susceptible to damage too. Concrete is very durable and resistant to external elements while bricks are resistant to discoloration, unlike concrete. Brick is more susceptible to chipping and cracking compared to concrete.  

In general, bricks can last longer than concrete but it does not mean concrete does not have any fight.  

Strength – both of these materials are sturdy and strong, and even resistant to fire. Both of these products have withstood the process es they have undergone. They have bigger minimum compress strengths so both are very durable when used as materials for the floor, walls, or any house projects.  

Hire a Professional 

There is nothing wrong to do the projects on your own However, it is always advised that you keep help form the ones who really know what to do and have the necessary tools.