Areas Where You Should Put Your Windows

Windows have always been a part of every home because it is very essential for a home to have windows. For professional home builders, windows are always a recommended part of every home and if there are homes that do not have any windows in them, they only cover a very tiny number in the whole population that has windows in their homes. If you ask professionals like window washers, they always say that having windows are like having eyes on your body; very important.

So, in order for you to see the outside from the inside of your home, windows are important. You cannot see what’s happening outside your home if you do not have any windows. Every room in the home is even recommended to have windows especially those areas where you need proper lighting like the living room or the dining room. These parts of the home are also vital parts of a home and it needs to feel accommodating and the way to do that is to make sure that you have windows that can let natural light enter your home. If you want to lie around and lounge on your sofa on your free day, you would want to see the sun enter your home for that very fresh and uplifting feeling.

If you are just building your own home and you want some guide about where to put your windows in your home, you are in the perfect spot in the perfect moment because this article is made because we want to help people have beautiful homes through having amazing windows.

So, here are the different areas of your home that absolutely needs windows:


Every bedroom in your home should always have a window in them. The window in your bedroom is very important so that you could have a natural alarm clock that could automatically wake you up in the morning and also signals you to sleep at night without having to take those pills for sleeping. If you have windows, you get to see the rising and the setting of the sun which is amazing because it settles you in and out of bed because at night, you can see that it is dark and it sets the right mood for sleeping and in the morning, seeing and feeling the sun beaming on your face is a great way to wake up and set your mood to start your day.


Yes, having windows in your kitchen is very important. You should have windows in order to have another exhaust path where the smell from anything you cook in your chicken. Also, cooking with the sun is such an empowering feeling.


Yes, windows can also be present in bathrooms but it has to be strategically places so that you would not be seen doing your thing in the bathroom. The reason for having even a small window in the bathroom is that it acts as another exhaust path for any smell that you do not want to linger in there.

If you are building a home, make sure to put the windows where they should be.